Top Tech Tips for Today's Low-Inventory Real Estate Market
Elm Street's Chief Marketing Officer, Bondilyn Jolly, sits down with The Close Weekly Podcast's host and real estate coach, Sean Moudry, to discuss working smarter (not harder) with technology.

Agents wear a lot of hats. They must maintain relevancy, a presence on different marketing platforms, capture leads, and have meaningful conversations… while (hopefully) helping their current clients and closing deals.

Bondilyn covers how Elm Street solves these fundamental challenges by helping agents build the foundations for their business. The best part? These foundations can be automated, streamlined, and consolidated in a way that does NOT feel impersonal. And as a bonus, she makes it clear how NOT to pay for tech you barely use.

So if you feel overwhelmed with your workflow or have been dropping the ball on building your pipeline while working with clients, you need to check out this episode. Then look into how Elm Street's portfolio of products and services allow busy real estate professionals the ability to streamline and automate their marketing and day-to-day business objectives by offering high-end IDX websites, lead generation tools, a powerful CRM, email, social, text and blog marketing automation, recruiting and retention tools, and more.