5 Ways A CRM Fuels Agent Success

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July 12, 2022
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Bondilyn Jolly
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5 Ways A CRM Fuels Agent Success

In an ideal world, a good CRM helps agents streamline daily activities, nurture leads and prioritize what’s important. We recently connected with some agents using Elevate to learn about the CRM features they find most useful.


“Before my CRM, I was stressed because I felt like I had to spend hours every week chasing leads and trying to focus on follow up. Now I have this great at-a-glance dashboard of all my daily activities: who I need to contact, automated outreach and all follow up. I was able to cancel four other products, which saved money, and the insight and time saved has turned me into a loyal fan.” – Jennifer M.

Tip: Invest the time to learn about all of your CRM’s features and how you can consolidate and automate your daily activities.

Lead Concierge

“I spend about $1,600 a month on leads, and my CRM’s concierge service is converting an average of 12% of them into conversations for me. The transcript gives me valuable information about my prospect, and the fact that people think that I have an assistant in Los Angeles is priceless.” – Jason T.

Tip: Invest in follow up and let someone else do the work. Agents spend a lot on lead gen but fall short once they’ve captured the lead, which is when the real work begins.

Automated CMA

“A comprehensive CMA can be really time-consuming. My CRM has one of the easiest CMA wizards ever. It creates and shares a professional CMA in minutes so I can move on with my day. My clients are always impressed with how quickly I can respond to their information requests.” – Sonja P.

Tip: Take advantage of the templates and workflows in your CRM. You can automate your daily busy work, freeing up time to be more responsive to clients.

Social Media

“I knew I needed social media, but finding the time to commit was overwhelming. My CRM automatically posts my listings to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, along with other content for my audience. Now I’m a social media rockstar and only lift a finger when I want to post something personal.” – Lisa L.

Tip: Find a CRM with social media marketing tools that do the work for you, especially if social media isn’t a strength.

Market Reports

“My favorite feature is the daily market reports. Anytime a listing hits the market that matches client interest, they receive an auto-generated email with all the details. In today’s market, we need to move quickly, and this tool ensures that my clients are the first to know about new listings.” – Danielle T.

Tip: It’s hard to always be responsive in a competitive market. Being able to automate important outreach as soon as it hits the MLS gives your clients the advantage they need.

Final Note

Take the time to find a CRM that helps streamline and automate your day-to-day, and make sure it’s backed by a strong support team that will help drive marketing and business success.

Originally published on RISMedia, July 12, 2022


Bondilyn Jolly is an internet entrepreneur, investor, mentor and software founder and CEO. As CMO of Elm Street, Jolly is focused on developing thoughtful, meaningful conversations around marketing, technology and business growth across the real estate sector and beyond. Learn more at www.elmstreet.com.

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