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your 2023
marketing & strategy guide

Planning your goals, budget and overarching marketing strategy can feel like daunting work, but it's a crucial part of running a successful business. This FREE guide is designed to help you focus on what's important, and to encourage you to expand your marketing...
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Elm Street - Your 2023 Marketing Stratgey Guide PDF
The 5 Most Important Features Your Real Estate Website Needs if You Want it to Generate Leads

Stop thinking of your website as a static landing page for your real estate business, it’s time to shift your mindset. This guide will walk you through everything you need...
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Elm Street - Top 5 Lead Generation Website Features
11 tips to prepare for a successful interview

The secret to successfully preparing for a prospect interview is anticipation of your prospect's needs, an understanding of the current market, and a deep...
Elm Street - 11 Tips to prepare for a successful interview
5 strategies for you
to create better
business habits

This guide will give you 5 strategies to promote better habits that will help you progress through your real estate business goals for 2023.

Elm Street - 5 better business habits guide
2023 personal growth plan for real estate professionals

Goal-setting is just the beginning of how successful agents and brokers take control of their business success. The next step to building the real estate business of your dreams is to set yourself
up for success.

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Elm Street - Personal Growth Plan
The 10 Secrets Successful Agents Use To Adapt To Shifting Markets Guide

The market will always shift,
and successful agents are the ones
who can adapt and overcome
the obstacles that take down agents
who aren't as equipped to shift
with the market. We want
to help equip you!

Elm Street - 10 Successful Secrets
5 shameless real estate marketing tricks that will satisfy your appetite

Marketing. Real estate marketing. Organic marketing. Paid advertising. From the Kardashians to Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker, marketing is an integral part of any industry, including the one where you have your real estate business.
Elm Street - 5 shameless real estate marketing tricks
5 steps to creating your 2023 business plan

With the current state of the real estate market, you may be struggling to keep up with what is right in front of you. So creating a business plan is probably at the bottom of your to-do list. Sometimes the two simple words “business” and “plan” can be intimidating. You know you...
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Elm Street - 5 steps to creating your 2023 buisness plan PDF
the psychology of
getting referrals

The highest quality leads are those that are looking to settle with a real estate agent long-term, one who is ready to meet their buying/selling needs. But you know what else? They are also the ones that will refer you to their circle of family, friends and acquaintances.
Elm Street - Psychology of Getting Referrals
30 day marketing

It takes 30-days for a change in behavior to become a habit, and six months for a habit to become the automatic way a person does things. If you haven't changed in 30-days, it's not happening." - Mark Goulston Simple steps to elevate your marketing in less than 1-month.
Elm Street - 30 Day Marketing Challenge
Email Marketing
101 Guide

There are plenty of people who are more than happy to tell you WHY it's important to lean into email marketing, but far fewer will help you through HOW to actually go through with it. That's where we come in with...

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Elm Street - Email Marketing 101 Guide PDF
For Beginners
Marketing Guide

Want to finally master blogging & reap the benefits? You're in the right place! Come with us as we take a deep dive into the tips, tricks, & strategies that will not only help you...

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Elm Street - Blogging For Beginners Guide PDF
Listings, Listings, Listing! Marketing Guide to Capture & Convert Seller Leads!

Download this free, all-inclusive, educational guide and get the tips, tricks, and strategies from the pros to make the lead capture-to-conversion...

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Elm Street - Listings Guide PDF
Awesome Email
Marketing Guide

Download Your FREE Guide Including The 6 Emails That Agents SHOULD Be Sending To Their Audience! Download this FREE GUIDE and get the tips,tricks, and strategies from the pros to elevate your email marketing content today!

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Elm Street - Awesome Email Marketing Guide PDF
Social Media 101
Marketing Guide

What makes for awesome social media marketing content? It's not as time-consuming or difficult as you might think. Download this guide and get the tips and strategies from the pros to elevate your social media marketing content today!

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Elm Street - Social Media Marketing 101 Guide PDF
ROCKIN' Website
SEO Guide

93% of buyers looking for a home use online searches for listings during their home-buying journey. What does it take to be seen on the first page of Google, and what can you do to get there? This FREE GUIDE is your key to SEO success!

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Elm Street - Website SEO Guide PDF
Lead Genration
"Secret Sauce"

Your FREE GUIDE is packed full of tips, tricks & strategies, an overview of how Elevate's lead generation technology does 90% of the work for busy real estate pros, and special offers.

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Elm Street - Lead Generation Secret Sauce Guide PDF
The Broker
Technology Checklist

Download this guide to selecting the right technology partner for your brokerage. Includes a checklist of features & functionality every brokerage must have!

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Elm Street - Brokerage Technology Checklist PDF
6 Real Estate Marketing Lessons From Kim Kardashian

Kim can teach real estate agents a lot about marketing! This free guide is filled with real life examples to take your real estate brand to the next level.

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Elm Street - 6 Real Estate Marketing Lessons From Kim Kardashian PDF