3 Better Ways to Say, “Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?”

3 Better Ways to Say, “Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?”

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June 15, 2023
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Chris Linsell
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A real estate professional asking someone "Are you thinking of selling your home?" is like a restaurant owner asking people, "Are you hungry?". The answer to the question might be "yes", but that's not how diners (and homeowners) tend to frame the question in their minds.

Rather, they think "I could really go for some chicken wings", or "I haven't had lunch today"; these are statements that lead to action, that lead to the restaurant owner getting to serve some food.

So, what are some conversation-starting we can use to get the listing-ball rolling with potential clients? Here are three ideas:

1. "A home nearby just sold for more than I was expecting. Are you curious about how much your home is worth in today's market?"

Any time there's market activity near a potential listing, you've got an opportunity to start a conversation. Recently sold homes, or "comps", give you a chance to estimate accurately what a similar home would sell for.

This process is called a Comparative Market Analysis; and it's not always easy, which is why we have an Automated CMA tool available as a part of our Elevate CRM platform.

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2. "I saw that it's been 5 years since you purchased your home. I offer free, no obligation 5-year market check-ups. Are you interested?"

Real estate, including the homes we live in, are an investment. Using most MLSs, you can go back in time to see which homes sold five years ago.

Chances are, those homeowners aren't monitoring their market value closely.

But, since we know that the typical length of ownership (especially for first-time homebuyers) is about six and a half years, starting the value conversation around the five year mark is a great way to get yourself in front of potential listers early.

3. "I've got a buyer looking for a property just like this one. Would you be open to seeing if your house is a fit?"

A lot of potential sellers hesitate to list their home for sale because they aren't interested in the lengthy preparation process of getting a home ready for the market. A potential for a private, created sale shortcuts all of that, allowing a potential seller to speak to a single buyer.

This is a great strategy to use if you have buyers who aren't finding what they're looking for. If you find a home that's a fit, awesome. If not, you've started the selling conversation with a homeowner, getting you on your way to a full market listing.

Starting a Conversation; Building Trust

Each of these approaches focuses on establishing you as an expert in your local market. They demonstrate various components of what we call your EEAT; Excellence, Experience, Authority, and Trust. The higher your EEAT, the more listings you close.

Bringing it All Together

Want to turbocharge your relationship marketing? Our automated real estate marketing systems for client referrals and real estate geo farming can help you generate more leads and referrals from prospects who see you as the agent-of-choice. Questions? Ask us.

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