An Independent Brokerage Thrives In Upstate New York

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July 31, 2020
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Bondilyn Jolly
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Elisa Bruno-Midili of Cafe Realty shares the story of how Elevate BOSS has empowered her to compete with big box affiliations in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. Tune in for a discussion of how metropolitan city-dwellers are exiting New York City and heading to the country, and how Elisa has been able to position herself, her agents and her brokerage to capture, nurture and convert all the business heading their way thanks to Elevate’s comprehensive brokerage solution, Elevate BOSS. After 7-years of searching, Elisa has FINALLY found the ONE solution that does it all: Advanced CRM, IDX Websites and Comprehensive Marketing.

Get to know Elisa Passionately rebellious, Elisa crafts the industry with individual style and taste. Whether creating collaborative partnerships or brand strategy, she digs deep to uncover details and desire in everything she does. A conscientious contributor and community connector with a message and a mission, Elisa is a lover of nature, yoga, food, and farms. A local guide, photographer, data junkie and long-time real estate professional, Elisa’s most proud of her family (2 daughters, 1 granddaughter and husband, Ron). Visit her brokerage at

Check out Elisa’s YouTube series “DIY Marketing” where she and friends explore easy-to-implement, smart business practices, and be sure to subscribe if you enjoy them!


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