Becoming The Broker of Choice - Courtesy of RISMedia

Becoming The Broker of Choice - Courtesy of RISMedia

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May 26, 2022
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Becoming The Broker of Choice - Courtesy of RISMedia

Elm Street's is a full-service consulting and marketing agency working with brokerages and tech companies across real estate and beyond. Over the past year, has worked with South Florida-based The Keyes Company/Illustrated Properties on numerous growth initiatives, assisting with the creation, execution and analysis of high-end, comprehensive marketing campaigns focused on brand awareness and business growth, including recruiting, mergers and acquisitions, and referral and relocation.

“The broker's fundamental role is to recruit, develop and retain agents,” says Mike Pappas, CEO of The Keyes Company/Illustrated Properties. “To be successful, a brokerage needs a multi-faceted, long-term strategy focused on building brand awareness, establishing rapport and trust, and aligning business principles with the right prospect. provides a full-service creative strategy that markets our brand to targeted recruits through a multitude of channels like email, text, social, landing pages and more. A carefully curated list of prospects receive consistent messaging on our unique selling points, which drives them to an interactive website that engages and captures recruitment leads. The campaigns are personalized to individuals based on engagement and known data.”

The partnership has worked. With's targeted approach—zeroing in on $2 - $10 million producers—things run smoother for The Keyes Company, and has empowered them to strategically increase their target audiences and grow their agent pool.

“When your list of prospective agents is thousands long, you need a marketing approach that allows you to use more behavioral information to gauge interest and then drill down into more personalized conversations as you learn more about a prospect,” says Steven Reibel, the firm’s senior vice president. “With, we have found a voice and strategy that feels personal and resonates with our customers.”

Expanding beyond just recruitment, The Keyes Company/Illustrated Properties next engaged to work with them on a robust mergers and acquisitions campaign.

“We wanted to leverage our past experience of having closed over 100 deals to show that we have a solution for the individual, not a solution for Keyes,” says Pappas, who explains that the campaign immediately produced results with multiple exploratory meetings and deals on the table. also worked with The Keyes Company to outline and curate strategic prospect lists and develop marketing campaigns for referral and relocation, focusing on expanding the brand's name and reputation across markets throughout the U.S.

“Being in the day-to-day of a brand, you sometimes make your own assumptions about what its most important features are, which aren't always right,” says Aaron Fisk, chief marketing officer. “Having an objective group weigh in and give their professional viewpoint on what will help position the company in the eyes of recruits and other brokers has really helped us refine our value proposition.”

“The Keyes Family of Companies is hyper-focused on providing meaningful, white-glove service in every facet of their business model,” says Bondilyn Jolly, chief marketing officer of Elm Street. “Honoring the legacy of the organization, building and broadening their storyline to encompass a larger audience and evolving growth strategy required a thoughtful deep dive across the company. Carefully curated prospect lists, entertaining and insightful messaging, and intelligent workflows and analysis have helped us build a successful story that continues to grow and expand the Keyes network.”

“ has really helped us stand out from our competitors,” says Reibel. “While recruiting successful, producing agents is a long-term play, the key is being there at the right time with the right message.”

“In an industry that has become very tech driven, we constantly remind ourselves that this business is about relationships and showing the value you bring,” concludes Pappas. “ has helped us leverage technology in unique ways while maintaining a people-centric focus on fostering relationships. The secret is in the balance between the two.”

If you're seeking assistance with agent recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, referral and relocation programs, and other growth initiatives, visit, call 833-938-2023 or schedule a one-on-one with Denis Pepin, Vice President of Business Development:

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