CRM Buyer’s Checklist That Will Help You Choose The Right CRM!

CRM Buyer’s Checklist That Will Help You Choose The Right CRM!

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February 9, 2022
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Paulina Pestryakov
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How do you identify which CRM will be the most effective at helping you stay in touch, keeping you organized and generating leads which can be converted into clients. Choosing the right real estate CRM is a difficult task. There are so many options available and each one offers a different set of characteristics. If this is a challenge you are facing, you are in right place, we have created a handy checklist that will help you choose the real estate CRM and marketing automation system that checks all the boxes.

1. Contact Management and Keep in Touch Fundamentals:

Why is this so important? IXACT Contact’s Keep in Touch Coach will remind you who you need to call each day. There is a library full of templates for Birthday and Move-in Anniversary and the Keep in Touch Coach will remind you when to send these out. The CRM also helps you create and manage your Business Directory.

2. User Interface and Connectivity:

Another very important feature to keep in mind while selecting a CRM. Since real estate agents are always on a go, a quick and easy-to-use CRM will help them become more efficient and effective. IXACT Contact’s CRM is an intuitive user interface that works on all screen sizes, a fully customizable Dashboard that shows you how your business is doing, and the best part is, there is a Mobile App that can help you work from anywhere on any device. It gets even better, there is an automated sync with Google, MS Outlook, Apple Apps, and mobile apps.

3. Lead Capture and Management

You must wonder how it helps with lead capture and management, read along, and find out. IXACT Contact’s CRM will capture leads from your websites and third-party lead sources automatically. Lead receives immediate text notifications. It also assigns the new leads to targeted drip email campaigns and to the monthly e-Newsletter distribution list. This helps you view and manage your business pipeline from new leads to past clients. This is another place where Keep in Touch Coach gives you reminders so that no lead falls through the cracks.

4. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is an important aspect of a real estate business and with IXACT Contact’s CRM you can send a monthly Real Estate e-Newsletter to your contact list. It is professionally designed and written, it is fully automated and fully customizable for both agent and broker. You also get personalized graphical mass emails and targeted drip email nurture campaigns for different lead and contact types. Better yet you have a wide variety of templates for e-Cards for Just Listed/Just Sold, holidays, birthdays, and move-in anniversaries.

5. Teams Functionality:

Did you know that with IXACT Contact’s CRM small teams can share one account for no additional cost? The powerful “Teams” version is available for larger teams, which provides each team member to have their own calendar and task list. It also helps distribute leads to team members, even better the communication can be sent with either through Team or individual branding.

6. Agent and Team Websites

Creating a website can be a hustle and oftentimes real estate agents won’t have time to create one. IXACT Contact has easy to set up websites without needing a webmaster. There are customizable themes with an extensive image library. You might wonder what content? The good news is IXACT Contact provides you with 16 pages of professionally written content for your website along with a built-in blog with professionally written blog posts provided. Better yet there is social media integration with Facebook and Twitter.

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