Elevate Releases Wave of New Features

Elevate Releases Wave of New Features

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October 8, 2020
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Aaron Gutekunst
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It’s clear that the COVID quarantine has been highly productive for the Elevate Development Team. Entering Q4, the team has released a wave of exciting new services and features inside of Elevate designed to assist busy real estate professionals with providing an unparalleled online experience for the buyers and sellers they serve.

“Our goal is to help agents, brokers and teams sell more homes, faster,” said Jacqueline Gallagher, VP of Product. “We accomplish this by delivering a flexible and feature-rich experience for our subscribers and their clients, and we’re fortunate to have an amazing development team that can deliver high-level results on aggressive timelines.”

Elevate’s latest roll-out helps to expand and automate important marketing communication throughout the entire life cycle of the buyer / seller real estate process. Here’s a taste of what Elevate subscribers now have in their arsenal:

Exclusive Seller Leads Now Available

Elevate Releases Wave of New Features

Elevate subscribers can now shape their lead generation program to their tastes with seller-only leads, buyer-only leads, or a mix of the two at a variety of different price points. Subscribers receive a steady flow of lead opportunities to fill their pipeline, which then can be automatically nurtured using a variety of built-in marketing tools to ensure the agent remains “top of mind” and a valuable resource. Even better, all leads are exclusive to the receiving agent, so there is no competing for the business.

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Instagram-worthy Images with Property Promoter

Just listed cell phone

(DMS, DMS Plus, Elite, & BOSS subscribers only) All we can say is “WOW” when it comes to the new Property Promoter feature in Elevate. Subscribers can now create gorgeous digital property promotions using a selection of pre-made templates (Open House, Virtual Open House, Just Sold, New Listing) that can be easily shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Even better, subscribers can customize their promotions with their own themes and color-schemes. Sweet!

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Lead Nurturing Emails Make Connecting Easy

email inbox

(DMS, DMS Plus, Elite, & BOSS subscribers only) Keeping in touch with new leads is super easy inside of Elevate, and now it’s even easier with our new “7-day Nurture” campaign. Subscribers can turn on an email campaign that will automatically drip on buyers and/or sellers for 7 consecutive days. The campaign is completely editable, so subscribers can customize the look, feel and copy of each email in the campaign.

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New MLS Search Page Design

Elevate account and listing examples

On October 26th we’re introducing a revamped design for the "MLS Search" page in your Elevate account. You will be able to enjoy enhanced efficiency when searching MLS data, along with a newly streamlined MLS Search feature and intuitive design. All of functionality you know will stay the same, just with a fresh new look.

More Awesomeness That Launched This Summer
For those of you who may have missed our recent summer roll-outs, here’s the lowdown:

  • New User Experience: Logging into Elevate’s new interface has been a huge hit with our subscribers. The less scroll, more intuitive experience makes it even easier to get in and get the job done before running off to that next listing appointment!
  • Property Search: Search and display of property details has been enhanced to drive an even better user experience.
  • Instant Property Alerts: In this ultra-competitive market, it’s imperative for active buyers to receive alerts when a new property matching their search criteria hits the market. Instant alerts equals instant gratification!
  • Email Editor: Looking to create a beautiful email? Elevate’s new drag-n-drop email editor makes the process fast, easy and entirely customizable.

Subscribers Looking for training & insight into your Elevate account? Browse our interactive Help Center, register for an upcoming webinar, or stream a past on-demand webinar.

Considering Elevate for your lead generation and marketing CRM? Schedule a 15-minute one-on-one consultation with an Elevate Success Coach to explore the best solution for your needs.

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