Elevate Your Business To A Whole New Level

Elevate Your Business To A Whole New Level

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August 16, 2022
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Customer Success

Sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. At least that’s what Nancy Fudge, owner of Wilmington, Massachusetts-based Fudge Properties, discovered when she left Elm Street only to realize that its Elevate CRM was much easier to use than anything else she could find.

Now Fudge takes full advantage of the social media marketing CRM that provides her and her team with advanced CRM, IDX websites, lead generation, marketing automation, text concierge, listing posts to social media and more.

Working in the real estate industry since 1981, Fudge started the firm 15 years ago in her hometown, and though it’s a small office of about seven people, it’s well-known in the area.

“I’ve had clients turn into friends, and I know that happens elsewhere, but these special bonds are established and need to be nurtured,” says Fudge, whose experience with online marketing tools has been wide-ranging.

When she first opened her office, she was using RLS2000, which Elm Street acquired in September 2016, and she appreciates the fact that nothing really changed after the acquisition.

“I liked the fact that they did everything for me,” says Fudge. “They took care of Facebook and all the ads and blogs on my website so that I didn’t have to take time out of my day to do that.”

Being someone who is always looking for something new, Fudge ultimately left Elm Street to try something different. It didn’t take long for her to determine that cutting ties with Elm Street wasn’t a great decision after an issue popped up that wasn’t given the attention she knew Elm Street would have provided.

Impressed with Elm Street’s customer service, Fudge points to Elevate’s Customer Support as one of the main reasons she went back to the company outside of the technology offered.

“Elevate’s Support always works hand-in-hand with our agents, and I couldn’t find any other companies with that level of service,” explains Fudge. “So many companies are more hype than anything else. I remember telling someone in my office, ‘I’m going back to Elm Street because they do everything for us.’ It’s not that I’m lazy, but they do it all and make my life so much easier.”

And while Fudge admits that she’s not necessarily tech-savvy, she truly appreciates just how easy Elm Street is to navigate.

“I find that operating inside Elevate is pretty simple. Not only can I make changes on our brokerage website, but I can also make changes on my agent’s websites,” says Fudge. “I don’t want to take time out of my day to try and figure things out and waste my time. When I log into Elevate, all of my tasks are ready to be marked off in an easy-to-navigate way. I can also manage all of my lead generation and agent recruiting in the same spot.”

Thinking back on her year away from Elm Street, Fudge looks at the move as a learning experience that has given her a newfound appreciation for everything Elm Street has to offer.

“I’m happy with Elm Street, and I won’t be changing anytime soon,” concludes Fudge. “It’s a great company, and they do what they tell you they’re going to do.”

For more information or to try Elevate FREE for 60 days, visit www.elmstreet.com.

Article first published on RISMedia.com byt Keith Loria, Aug. 10th, 2022

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