Elm Street Technology Tops Another Best of Real Estate Tech List

Elm Street Technology Tops Another Best of Real Estate Tech List

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March 21, 2023
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Julie Henning
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Earlier today, real estate tech experts T3 Sixty released their much-anticipated Tech 200 report for 2023, a report that Elm Street Technology appeared in eight times, winning Top 5 accolades in CRM and transaction management and best end-to-end real estate platform.

Elm Street Wins in Best End-to-End Real Estate Platform Category

In the new and arguably most important end-to-end platform category, Elm Street ranked among the industry’s best.

Travis Saxton of T3 Sixty noted, “...we work with dozens of clients who are looking for single-use products they can plug into their tech stack. We also know that the ideal end-to-end platform remains the ‘holy grail’ of real estate technology. With so many companies building and acquiring technology to create an all-in-one solution, it was time to specifically call out today’s leaders in that field.”

Elevate Takes Home Top 5 Marks in CRM & Transaction Management Toolkit Solutions

Some of the most vital technologies in the real estate toolkit include CRMs and transaction management. Elevate by Elm Street Technology made the top five list as a leading technology along with Cloze Real Estate CRM, Follow Up Boss, MoxiEngage, and Rechat.

Elm Street Solutions Receive Eight Awards Total T3 Sixty in 2023

T3 Sixty analyzes thousands of products as it finalizes the Tech 200, taking into account the depth, breadth and reliability of each product, market share, client satisfaction and more.

“Each of the products featured on this year’s list are best-in-class solutions,” added T3 Sixty’s President and CEO Jack Miller. “At a time when many business owners are tightening budgets and looking for the best ways to allocate their dollars, the Tech 200 is a powerful asset they can use to make their most important technology decisions.”

In addition to the Top 5 wins in Product and CRM & Transaction Management, eight additional Elm Street solutions made the list of winners in the following categories:

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About T3 Sixty

T3 Sixty is well regarded in the residential real estate industry for sharing comprehensive, unbiased, vetted information with its readers. The firm also provides software and data, extensive research and reports, executive search and event management services.

Visit realestatealmanac.com to view the complete list of products and companies featured in the 2023 Tech 200 Report.

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