How to Generate More Real Estate Leads, Quickly, This Month

How to Generate More Real Estate Leads, Quickly, This Month

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January 25, 2022
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Darcia Armstrong
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Are you looking at the upcoming month, scratching your head, and wondering, “How will I generate more high-quality real estate leads?” If so, there’s good news. There are proven strategies for doing just that.

However, we’re guessing you’re not in the mood for anything major, like creating and launching an extensive ad campaign. So, in this blog post, we’ve focused only on those real estate lead generation tips that you can put into action quickly and affordably.

See which of the following might work well for you.

  • Lead capture forms. How many prospects visit your website and then don’t contact you? For many service-based businesses, the number is upwards of 80%! That’s a lot of real estate leads — lost. Putting a lead capture form on your agent website is relatively easy and can double lead generation.
  • Launch a drip email campaign. Do you have FSBO prospects in your real estate CRM database? Or new home buyers? Or upsizing sellers? Consider launching a drip email campaign to build those relationships and persuade them to work with you.
  • Send a referrals reminder. This is simply a call or email reminding clients (past and present) that you appreciate their recommendations. Often, that simple reminder leads to a couple of good referrals. But, of course, this technique works much better if you’ve been keeping in touch with clients with a real estate newsletter.
  • Ramp up your social media. Has your social media activity been soft lately? To generate more leads, become more active this month. Follow and engage with more prospects. Post links to your blog articles. Use content curation to share great content from respected sources.
  • Shoot a quick video. Videos don’t need to be an elaborate production. You can create great content with your phone. You can share a personal message, highlight recent SOLDS, showcase a new listing, or even interview a client as a success story. When sharing a video on social media, be sure to include a link back to your website.
  • Plan an event. You don’t need to do the event this month. The mere planning of it, including inviting prospects and clients, can result in new real estate leads. Imagine an on-the-fence prospect who receives your invitation. That might just be what convinces them to hire you.
  • Reach out to long ago clients. Have you lost touch with clients from years ago? They could still be a source of real estate referrals for you. Reach out and reconnect with those clients. Then, of course, stay in touch regularly.
  • Canvas around recent SOLDS. People notice nearby listings, especially SOLDS. They wonder how the sale went. They wonder what the property sold for. They wonder who the agent is. Why? Because they might be selling themselves someday. So review your SOLDS over the past few weeks and canvas the surrounding homes. Introduce yourself.

As you can see, these strategies are all doable over the next month. So, if you’re looking for more real estate leads, put one or more of these techniques into action.

And by the way, lead generation always works better — way better — when you use a proven system. Our real estate marketing systems for client referrals and geographic farming can get more leads flowing in month after month.

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