How To Leverage IXACT Contact’s Success System To Become A Top Real Estate Agent

How To Leverage IXACT Contact’s Success System To Become A Top Real Estate Agent

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January 11, 2022
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Paulina Pestryakov
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You might wonder what is a success system and why would I need it? Read on to find out the answer. A well-organized database is a steppingstone in building relationships and getting contacts to “know, like and trust you”. It is equally important for capturing and following up on leads. That is why IXACT Contact offers the best CRM in the industry for real estate agents. The CRM not only helps you capture leads but also helps you stay on top of lead development and build long-lasting relationships. It fully programs your contact management activities, making it easy to add names, manage contacts and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Let’s dig deeper into the 9 elements of IXACT Contact’s Success System

Goal Setting and tracking:

Start your year by setting goals and achieving those goals. It will create certainty and you can see the finish line.

IXACT Contact makes it easy for you to set financial and performance goals. It also helps you track your progress with insightful charts and graphs.


A monthly e-newsletter keeps your contacts aware of your expertise in real estate and keeps you on top of their mind. Your e-newsletter should include a personalized message from you, market updates, home tips and advice, and how-to articles. An e-Newsletter is a basis for relationship building.

IXACT Contact understood the need for an e-Newsletter that includes eye-catching and high-value content that your prospects and clients will look forward to. The good news is we do the writing, designing and emailing for you.

Relationship-building calls:

Calls are an integral part of building and maintaining relationships, whether by phone or online meeting. Call enables you to answer questions, provide further updates, and develop your relationship with your client.

IXACT Contact’s Keep in Touch Coach will remind you to make those calls every week!

Birthday and Move-in Anniversary Best Wishes:

Who doesn’t like to get a call or card for their birthdays or receive a greeting from their realtor on their move-in anniversary? Your clients and your contacts will be touched by the kind gesture. It also reflects on the type of agent you are. You are the agent that cares!

IXACT Contact will automatically remind you of those dates so that you don’t miss an opportunity to further enhance your relationship with your contacts.

JUST LISTED e-Flyers and JUST SOLD e-Cards:

Informing your contacts about the listings and the “just sold” sends a strong message to your contacts, it shows that you are the agent that they can trust to get results.

IXACT Contact offers multiple templates for JUST Listed e-Flyers and JUST SOLD e-Cards that can be customized within minutes. The best part is, we email them out for you!

Annual Real Estate Check-ups:

Checking up on your contacts once a year or paying them a visit to review the current value of their property not only helps the client but also your business. This significantly increases your chance of getting referrals and repeat business.

IXACT Contact will remind you when it’s time for these check-ups.

Client appreciation events:

Hosting a client appreciation event can help you in a variety of ways. It gives you an opportunity to meet clients that you haven’t met in a long time, some of your contacts will bring friends or family that potentially could become new leads. These events make you strengthen and further build your relationship with your contacts.

IXACT Contact makes it effortless to plan and manage all the communications needs to host a memorable client appreciation event.

Drip email marketing campaigns:

Email marketing is an important part of the real estate business, you can boost your conversions by sending targeted emails to your past clients, prospects, first-time buyers expired listings and much more. This helps you in fostering a long-term relationship with your contacts.

IXACT Contact offers you over 125 professionally written emails and a ready-made drip campaign. The only thing you have to do is pick the one that suits your personality and personalize it to your target audience.

Text marketing:

It is not a surprise that texting has become a primary source of communication for multiple demographics. It is very important to send relationship-building text messages to your contact list.

IXACT Contact offers you a text marketing feature that helps you send messages without any hiccups.

Start realizing the benefits of IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM today.

Start your FREE 5 week free trial of IXACT Contact now.

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