How To Turn Leads Into Lifetime Clients

How To Turn Leads Into Lifetime Clients

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January 28, 2022
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Paulina Pestryakov
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What is the one thing that will separate you from your colleagues or elevate your business to the next level? Read on…The answer is simple; it is referrals and repeat business that will help you lift your business and give you a competitive edge with your colleagues. When your real estate leads turn into loyal clients, they will use your services more frequently. Did you know that 32% of sellers recommend their agent three or more times since selling their home (NAR)?

You must wonder why referrals are a powerful source of your leads? It is because people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any advertisements, and once clients are loyal to you, the recommendations will keep coming. Now, your next concern would be “I am so busy, and it is so hard to create loyalty.” This statement is very true, however, if I told you that there is a database that can help you create loyalty and not take much of your time, I am sure you would like to know more about this database. Read along and you will find 3 key actionable steps that you can take to convert your leads into loyal lifelong clients.

Step 1: Generate New Leads:

There is no repeat/referral business until you have captured leads. Lead generation is the first step in getting life-long clients. We will explore how to generate leads that can help you achieve repeat/referral business. There are different ways to generate leads from prospects to inbound marketing and contradictory advice on which way works best. In all certainty, the best techniques that work are the ones you feel comfortable with and can do well in. Successful Realtors usually use multiple strategies working on their behalf so that they can capture leads in every way possible whether it’s through email, website, google search, inbound marketing, and hosting open houses. Therefore, it is important to have a website that represents your brand personality and brand voice. Another equally important factor is email as it is a powerful player in driving leads! It may sound like a lot of work than just selling houses, but IXACT Contact’s CRM makes it easy for you to generate, capture and manage leads properly.

Step 2: Nurture and Convert Leads into Clients:

Once you have generated new leads, the next step is to nurture and convert those leads into life-long clients. You may wonder how can I do that? When you communicate regularly with your leads and make sure that they remember your name, they will automatically get in touch with you when it’s the right time to either list or buy a home. The important thing to remember is that sending content that leads find useful will help them remember you and they will keep that email instead of thinking of it as a sales pitch. IXACT Contact comes with various types of nurture campaigns for different types of leads. The nurture campaigns are a mixture of keep in touch phone call reminders and pre-written automated emails. IXACT Contact does the remembering for you so when your lead reaches out you know exactly who they are.

Step 3: Keep in Touch to Generate More Referral and Repeat Business:

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising (RETechnology). Referrals are valuable since they come to you instead of you chasing them. Keeping in touch builds a rapport that helps clients remember your name so next time their family/friend is looking for a realtor, they will recommend you. Keeping in touch is as simple as wishing a contact a happy birthday, checking in every few months to say hello or sending a holiday greeting. These simple ways can help you get referrals and repeat business. IXACT Contact’s CRM comes with various templates for a monthly e-newsletter that helps you make a professional impression on your contacts every month.

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