Instagram Content Stacking – How Do You Do It?

Instagram Content Stacking – How Do You Do It?

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October 22, 2021
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Tara Adair
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What exactly is content stacking? It means that you leverage all the different formats of content on Instagram to boost your views (even double your views) within the first couple of hours of posting. You use formats of photos, videos, posts, live content and stories. Photos are the easiest content to create, however it is also the lowest engagement type of content. Videos are more difficult to create but high engagement, Instagram Story and Instagram Live are easy to create and also high engagement.

Content stacking gives a great big boost to your views because you are utilizing so many different kinds of posting. People take in content in different ways. Some people like stories more than regular posts, some people prefer videos and others prefer live content. You get the picture! Also make sure you stack your content in the first 60 minutes of your original post.

If you have a photo post, leverage that and get higher engagement by then doing a Story post. With this Story post, you want to “cover” the content or blur it so people can’t really see it. Then say something like “New Post!” on it. This makes them curious and they go view the photo post. If you really want to double down, also do an Instagram Live about your post. According to Udemy, you want to: 1) save this for special posts (1 in 10), 2) talk to the camera for 60 seconds and tell them about your post, and 3) as an alternative to talking to the camera, you can have a hand written CTA with music for 60 seconds.

So content stacking is an easy way to really boost engagement. It doesn’t take a lot of time to stack your content either. Digital Assembly says it well: Content continues to reign as one of the best ways to bring in customers, set yourself apart from the competition and increase your brand awareness. But good content is not one size fits all. To truly reach a broader audience and appeal to a variety of demographics, it’s not enough to just provide a lot of content. You need to provide various forms of it.

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