Modern, Responsive Prime Map Search Template Now Available for IDX Broker Platinum and HOME Clients

Modern, Responsive Prime Map Search Template Now Available for IDX Broker Platinum and HOME Clients

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September 19, 2023
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Julie Henning
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Now available to IDX Broker Platinum and HOME clients in a Beta release is a new Prime Map Search page template that provides an interactive and real-time search experience for prospects and leads visiting your real estate website.

IDX Broker Prime Map Search

Housed in a responsive window that dynamically updates as users drag, drop, and draw on the map section of their web browser or mobile device, the IDX Broker Prime Map Search returns properties from multiple MLS listings as individual pins on the map.

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The Prime Map Search template seamlessly integrates with the existing lead management capabilities within the tool, allowing users to save their favorites by simply clicking the heart icon in the feature image of the results window (a product feature we launched earlier this year). The new template also automatically applies any global lead registration rules you have configured in the Lead Registration menu.

How to Activate the Prime Map Search Template

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To activate the Prime Map Search template in your Platinum or HOME account:

  1. Log into Middleware and navigate to the Websites section of the Design menu.
  2. Expand the Websites menu and select Page Templates.
  3. Navigate to the Map Search Pages section of the Pages window (this is located about halfway down the screen).
  4. Select the Edit button in the layout column.
  5. In this window, press the “Activate” button in the Prime Map Search template field.
  6. The map search page on your real estate website will automatically update to display the new interactive map and property pins.
  7. Follow these additional instructions if you need more detailed steps on customizing the page layout.

Upgrade Your IDX Broker Lite Account Today

If you're an IDX Broker Lite client and are interested in upgrading your account to access the new Prime Map Search template, we’re happy to help! Follow these instructions or call a member of our Customer Support Team at 541-343-3912.

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