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June 26, 2020
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Julie Henning
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Being known as THE local expert is a cornerstone of success for top agents. To get there, they repeatedly put their clients’ needs first. They nurture those clients with expert knowledge, and empower them to know when and where to make their next move.

With that in mind, we added a new tool to the IDX Broker toolkit… Market Reports!

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Of course Market Reports have been around for a while, BUT we’ve made them better! Market Reports by IDX Broker, are an awesome way to curate targeted, relevant information that is custom-tailored to your leads based on what they tell you -or- what their search behavior on your site shows you!

If you haven’t already incorporated Market Reports into your lead engagement and nurturing strategy, now is the time!

Here’s what you need to know:

First, if you are using IDX Broker Platinum on your site, it’s free!

Your leads will be able to learn more about a location (a city, county, or postal code) by exploring demographic information, including costs, population, weather, and more. Interested in price trends? We’ve also normalized (and beautified) them by property type on a visually appealing graph!

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You can make Market Reports even more powerful with Sold Data – an add-on for most MLS systems on IDX Broker. With the addition of Sold, your leads and visitors can view a new map with up-to-date list and sold prices, plus sold dates and property details.

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Pro-tip – Give your leads a head start with their Market Reports by building one based on their saved searches. They’ll get an updated Market Report email every month! By automating these reports and keeping prospective sellers (and buyers) up-to-date, you’ll truly be the local expert resource they’ve been looking for!

Second, the mobile experience is awesome.

As you can see, these reports are beautiful out-of-the-box. But what’s even better – we SEO’d the heck out of them! We automatically added a TON of value to your site by creating dynamic, hyper-local, and hyper-effective pages. Our User-Experience (UX) and Design teams focused on providing an outstanding desktop and mobile experience for your leads.

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Speaking of a superior lead experience… My Listings Manager v2.0 includes a new navigation item to make accessing and engaging with Market Reports simple – especially on mobile! Saving properties, searches, and now Market Reports is easy and intuitive. The streamlined and engaging display has intentionally placed calls-to-action that bring your leads back to your site, and back to you!

Third, they are customizable to make your own!

Like most of our tools, Market Reports have a renewed focus on great UX. They are designed to make you look good from the second you implement them on your site. Still, it’s important to us that you are able to brand these tools to you! This is why we extended our same customizable elements to Market Reports (with new controls being added in subsequent versions). After all, we’re called “most customizable solution on the market” for a reason!

We hope you – and your leads – enjoy this new feature! Any questions? Check out our recent webinar! Or you can always call, chat or email us. We’ll show you how Market Reports can help make your IDX-enabled website a vital part of the home buying and selling process!

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