Real Estate Prospecting: Lead Conversion Made Easy with AIVA

Real Estate Prospecting: Lead Conversion Made Easy with AIVA

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February 16, 2023
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Julie Henning
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For better or for worse, managing and converting online leads is essentially a numbers game that takes time, energy, and consistency. Realizing a return on investment on what you spend on paid real estate software solutions to manage the conversion cycle is an important–if not the most important–piece of your real estate marketing strategy.

Unlike direct referrals, successful conversion rates for online leads require starting with a high volume of potential buyers on the front end and narrowing that number to a small handful of interested clients with a high likelihood of converting over the next few months. Managing this process while working with current clients and running your business full time can lead to opportunities slipping through the cracks.

If time is money, do you know how much time you are spending managing new leads and responding to interested parties with text messages, phone calls, and in-person meetings? Are you missing one opportunity while pursuing another? Can you put a dollar value on your time? At Elm Street Technology, we think you can.

Our prospecting philosophy stems from a three-pronged approach to real estate lead conversion that is focused on immediacy, consistency, and empathy.

As a realtor, you already know people search online for new properties all hours of the day and night; responding to their interest at the moment is the number one way to capture new business before it moves to the next Google search result.

Let’s be real, leads can take a really really long time to convert. If the quality of your response and/or response time slows down or drops off while you serve another client, you may have lost that lead without even realizing it. Data shows some leads convert into clients within 30 days while others may take up to 150 days of follow-up before they are ready to sign a buyer's disclosure agreement.

As realtors and members of the human race, we know you know life can be complicated. People switch jobs, lose family members, experience divorce, or need to upgrade or downgrade when kids are born and one day leave to start their own families. Life happens and having genuine empathy for your clients (at the right time and with the appropriate messaging) is key to establishing trust and fulfilling a mission to help your clients and build long-term relationships that boost your repeat and referral business down the line.

In this recorded on-demand webinar, learn how the AIVA real estate lead conversion platform from Elm Street Technology can augment your real estate business with 24-7 online support using a lead management funnel that is powered by people and not robots.

Marino Orlandi, VP of Enterprise Partnerships at Elm Street Technology, walks through the benefits of the AIVA platform, including integration with over 40 different real estate CRM tools and a companion mobile app. Learn how the platform manages the lead integration funnel and integrates immediacy, consistency, and empathy with a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

For more information, schedule your tour today.

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