Recruiting Real Estate Agents: Quick Tips Any Broker Can Use Today

Recruiting Real Estate Agents: Quick Tips Any Broker Can Use Today

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April 6, 2023
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One of the most challenging tasks a real estate broker faces is recruiting real estate agents. Not only are you constantly competing with other brokers for top talent, you're also tasked with satisfying the ever-changing needs of your real estate market's top producers.

Here at Elm Street Technology, we know what top performing real estate professionals are looking for and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Here are the top three most effective tactics we see elite brokers using when recruiting real estate agents:

1. Focus on Solving Problems for the Agents You're Recruiting

Happy real estate agents high-fiving after solving a problem.

A classic recruiting mistake many real estate brokers make is structuring their pitch around all them and their brokerage and not around the problems they can solve for the agents they're targeting.

This can be as simple as the way you choose to phrase your pitch.

Bad Pitch: We have a brand recognized as a leader in our market!

Good Pitch: Building a brand as a real estate agent is difficult. With our brand-building tools and market-leading presence, we can help you build your business faster and more effectively.

For every phase of your real estate agent recruitment, ask yourself: "Am I singing my own praises or solving my recruit's problems?"

2. Use Social Media as a Verification Tool, not a Recruitment Platform

Social media icons arranged in a pattern

In the same way that home buyers aren't making a purchase decision based on a Facebook post, agents aren't making brokerage decisions from a LinkedIn message. When recruiting real estate agents, use social media to demonstrate that you are who you say you are and can do what you say you can do.

Make your social media about your company values, about your office culture, about your company initiatives. When recruiting real estate agents, point them to your social media to verify for themselves all the great things you've told them about your brokerage.

3. Use a Recruiting CRM to Prioritize Opportunities

Woman looking at her phone, using a real estate CRM

If you've ever preached the importance of using effective tools like a real estate CRM to your agents, you need to practice what you preach and use a CRM for recruiting too.

Studies show that recruitment effectiveness goes up by more than 200% when a reliable system for organization and prioritization is used.

If you need a CRM perfect for tracking your recruiting activities, Elm Street Technology has a great option. The Elevate CRM's BOSS package provides all the most powerful tools you need to take your recruiting from mediocre to masterful.

Check Out Elevate CRM

Next Steps

Ready to dive into more educational pieces for you and your real estate team?

Head over to Elm Street Academy for best practices, tips, tricks and continued real estate knowledge.

Want to provide more value to your agents? Schedule an event for your whole office and get more insider insights into building your business, best marketing practices, lead generation and staying on top of the real estate industry? We've got that taken care of too with Elm Street Technology's Brunch and Learn series.

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