Brokerage "Boot Camp" - Recruitment & Retention Deep Dive

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April 8, 2021
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Aaron Gutekunst
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Education & Best Practices

Brokers, are you struggling with recruiting and retention?

The real estate market has never been more competitive and with more and more aggressive recruitment, it’s tougher than ever to make YOUR brand stand out to the right Agents. In this 1-hr webinar, you’ll get to tap into the Marketing mind of Bondilyn Jolly, a recruitment and business development strategist who’s worked with brands big and small to develop intelligent, thoughtful campaigns that help connect Brokers and Agents together in meaningful ways. If you are looking to up your recruitment game, this is a MUST-WATCH webinar.

Rock Your Recruitment
Download your FREE recruitment strategy guide featuring tips, tricks & insights from top recruiters and industry leaders such as Tami Bonnell, Bondilyn Jolly, Denis Pepin, Brenda Thompson and Kevin Johnson.
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Brokerage Technology Checklist
Download your FREE comprehensive guide to selecting the right technology partner for your brokerage. Includes the top 4 questions to ask tech companies, and a checklist of features every brokerage must have!
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Financial Analysis
Income & Expense Tracking
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SWOT Analysis
Track Strengths, Weaknesses & Future Opportunities.
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Request Your Recruitment Consultation
Looking to up your recruitment game? Schedule your one-on-one consultation with the business development team at to explore how we can assist you today.
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