Tips for Working Harder and Smarter Your First Year in Real Estate

Tips for Working Harder and Smarter Your First Year in Real Estate

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April 5, 2022
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Julie Henning
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A good friend of mine is approaching the end of her first year in real estate. An established interior designer comfortable running her own part-time business, Sara is also a busy mom and active community member. Multitasking during her rookie year was not the biggest challenge Sara faced. She simply needed to either add more hours to the day or outsource certain aspects of her life.

Here are some ways Sara worked smarter and not harder this year and still found time to engage with her family and friends and maintain a work-life balance that suited her growing career.

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Meal Preparation

One of the biggest challenges working professionals face is what I like to think of as the six o’clock scramble. Whether you are coordinating after-school activities, walking pets, or stuck in rush hour, getting a healthy meal on the table is an exhausting and exhaustive daily accomplishment, no matter who is tackling the domestic duties that day.

To help alleviate the burden, but still stay on budget, Sara used a meal kit delivery box like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron to save on grocery ordering and pick up. Capitalizing on the opportunity to engage her children and teach them a new skill, 

Some bigger cities offer commercial “make it and take it” meal assembly services like Let’s Dish! Many households find preparing many meals at one time (freezing or lining labeled containers in the refrigerator) greatly cuts down on daily cleanup and helps reduce the temptation to eat out or order takeout. 

House and Yardwork

For many working adults, there comes a point in our careers where our earning potential allows us to outsource house and yard work, either regularly or on an “as needed” basis. If your monthly budget and savings goals allow for a house cleaner or lawn care service, having even a few hours of assistance each month can free up your time to spend with friends, family, self-care, networking or growing your client base.

In Sara’s case, her rookie year happened to be in the prime of the Coronavirus pandemic. With everyone home for the better part of two years, Sara’s entire family pitched in and got creative with how and when they worked on school, jobs, and cared for their new dog. She also admits to folding many piles of laundry during her daily team briefings on Zoom.

Streamlining Networking with IXACT Contact

Already accustomed to working with clients in her interior design business, Sara had a solid client base but a different need for communication and marketing in a complementary industry. She already knew the value of direct mail, referrals, and regular check-ins. Within the span of six months, she realized IXACT Contact was the key to growing her business, staying organized, and managing her time.

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