"We're Just Getting Started" - Elevate Raises Thousands For Charity With #ElevateCares

"We're Just Getting Started" - Elevate Raises Thousands For Charity With #ElevateCares

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October 6, 2020
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Aaron Gutekunst
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This past month, Elevate employees participated in an #ElevateCares Charity Challenge, raising over $3,000 for multiple charities. Partnering with CharityMiles.org, employees logged walking, running and biking miles in order to raise funds for the charity of their choice through sponsorships and a match from Elm Street Technology.

"We wanted to encourage our employees to get outside, be healthy, and have fun all while helping those in need," said Prem Luthra, President & CEO. "Our employees collectively logged close to 4,000 miles over the course of September and loved competing against each other on CharityMile’s Leaderboard."

The #ElevateCares initiative was launched by Elm Street Technology earlier this summer and is a multi-faceted program that allows employees and clients across Elevate’s nation-wide community to participate in proactive reform, volunteerism and activism regarding social, economic, and other initiatives close to our hearts.

"This year has been difficult for everyone in so many ways," added Prem Luthra. "Now more than ever before, we all need to do our part in taking action regarding sustainable transformation in our communities, our businesses, and our lives. At Elevate, we’re just getting started!"

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