[Webinar] Secrets to Lead Generation Success With RETechnology

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October 7, 2020
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Aaron Gutekunst
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Frustrated with your current lead generation?

It’s not uncommon for Agents & Brokers to be frustrated with their online lead generation, questioning the quality of the leads and/or not recognizing the type of ROI to justify the expenditure. To add to the frustration, these same Agents & Brokers are surrounded by friends and colleagues who are recognizing tremendous success with the very same solutions causing frustration! Sound familiar?!

If you’re not making money, you’re not doing it right.

But, no worries…we're here to address your lead generation challenges. In this recent webinar, industry pros Frank Chimento (VP Brokerage Development at Elevate), Bondilyn Jolly (VP Marketing at Elevate, Managing Partner at 3sixtyfive.agency) & Marilyn Wilson (CEO Wav Group and REtechnology) will debunk the fallacies surrounding online lead generation and provide tips, tricks & insights garnered from working with top Agents & Brokers across the U.S.

Discussion topics include…

Lead Generation: Debunking Fallacies Tips, Tricks & Strategies of Top Performers The Life Cycle of the Real Estate Lead Top Online Marketing Tools for Organic Lead Gen Search-based vs Interruption-based Marketing Lead Nurturing Strategies

Interested in how Elevate can assist with driving high-quality lead generation for your real estate business? Request a 15-minute demo at tryelevate.com/get-started.

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