Your real estate marketing efforts start with a solid real estate marketing plan

Your real estate marketing efforts start with a solid real estate marketing plan

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November 19, 2022
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Your real estate marketing plan is one of the most important lead generation strategies you have. But your marketing efforts may need a bit of fine-tuning to help you engage in a successful and lucrative real estate business as those leads come in during the new year.

But what does a successful marketing plan mean? Do you need to be an expert with your marketing strategy? Or would you be better served putting your skills to good use as the community expert real estate agent in your target market? Both? Where do you even start?

Build yourself up on social media

You've heard how important social media posts are to your business. Engaging with your digital community via helpful information, relevant property promotions or even just being your candid self is a great way to connect with your target audience - and their friends.

For example, if you were to post about a neighborhood full of beautiful homes for sale, you'd get the right eyes on your page by following a few best practices. Think hashtags and promoting the post via local zip code in your business promotion tools.

Post about local businesses in the same neighborhood, and expand your hashtags to include audiences in the same locale or as connected by search intent. This allows you to cast a wider net for general impressions across your preferred social media platforms, ultimately driving engagements with your real estate brand.

Use offline real estate marketing ideas

Your real estate marketing plan shouldn't be limited to just one channel or marketing plan. Incorporating non-digital marketing channels such as direct mail marketing materials is a great way to make yourself more well-known to individuals in your direct market.

Utilize value items such as calendars, mailers with information for local businesses you've partnered with, signs along newer developments, etc. These not only help solidify you as a market expert, but a well-accomplished professional within your community.

As real estate agents, you know how important it is to substantiate yourself as not only an expert in the real estate industry, but as a valuable community resource. Build yourself up further by cultivating your relationships and utilizing all the marketing tools available in your inventory.

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