our mission

To help our clients create lifelong relationships to make it easier
to buy and sell homes.

One Elm Street

Work together as one team. Assume the best intentions from each other. Foster optimism and have fun together.
Do the right Thing

Always lead with integrity and be personally accountable. Hold the highest standards in our industry.
Client Centered

Exceed client expectations everyday. Deliver value with speed & quality. Aspire to be
the first call.

Deliver results and play to win. Drive excellent execution with the highest sense of urgency, agility and grit.
innovate & simplify

Be intellectually curious and insight driven. Drive scalable profitable growth. Keep it simple.
People First

Take initiative to develop ourselves and others. Value diversity of experience and thought. Proudly show the Elm Street secret sauce at work and in our communities.

Elm Street Technology: An Origin Story

Launched from a modest office on Elm Street in Greensborough, NC, Elm Street Technology started with a dream: help people tap into the prosperity of the present and hope for the future through the sacred institution of home-ownership by providing real estate professionals with the tools they need to better serve their communities.

The size and scope of this task was, in a word, overwhelming. But, not without inspiration. Every day, the founders of Elm Street Technology would sit and look out their office windows at Woolworth's, the site of the famous 1960 sit-ins that were instrumental in catalyzing the civil rights movement in America. Now the home of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, the sit-ins at Woolworth's were a living example of the power of unified vision in pursuit of bettering lives, community, and opportunity.

Elm Street Technology: From Then to Now

From our modest roots in North Carolina has grown a diverse, thoughtful, and innovative company that serves clients across the United States and Canada. We serve tens of thousands of real estate professionals, brokers, mortgage and lending professionals, MLS & Associations, and other organizations who, like us, are dedicated to creating tools that make buying and selling real estate a better experience for everyone involved.

We are honored to have the opportunity to, every day, provide our customers with tools they need to create lifelong relationships with their clients. We do our best to live our core values, and to recognize that our work doesn't just impact the real estate professionals we serve, it impacts the communities they're a part of.

Elm Street
takes home
top marks

Elm Street brought home a record eight wins in the T360's Tech 200 report, including top marks End-to-End Real Estate Platform, CRM, Lead Generation, and many more.
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Elm Street - Elm Street Technology takes home top marks